The Go-Go Heist Ho, Barbie Sins, Danny D, [Brazzers]

The Go-Go Heist Ho,
Barbie Sins, Danny D,
[Brazzers] Barbie Sins is the top Go-Go dancer at a seedy club, and she’s had enough of her boss’ antics and has decided to set up a sting operation to clear his safe of all its valuables. She’s enlisted the help of ace B&E man Danny D, who has arrived before opening hours posing as a liquor board inspector. Barbie sneaks into the backroom office and locates her boss’ pistol, casually sitting at his desk with her feet up and the gun cocked. When Danny is led into the backroom office, they immediately hold up Barbie’s boss at gunpoint and then tie him to a chair, allowing Barbie to interrogate him as Danny cracks the safe’s code. After wheeling her boss out the office, Barbie and Danny are able to properly celebrate their score.

Small Ass, Woman (20-29), Tattoo, Athletic, British, Euro, Blonde, Bald Pussy, Outie Pussy, Big Tits, Enhanced, 25-34, Tattoo, Average Body, European, Blond Hair, Short, Big Dick, One-on-One, Work Fantasies

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