Shaving The Best For Last, Honey Gold, Paris Amour, [Brazzers]

Shaving The Best For Last,
Honey Gold, Paris Amour,
[Brazzers] You ever have a roommate that gets on every last one of your nerves? Their messy habits, their slurping noises, their late night romps? It doesn’t matter how hot they are, nothing is worth that constant distraction! So, when it comes to Honey Gold and Paris Amour – they’re at their wits end, and the rivalry spirals out into more than just harsh words. Paris fills Honey’s shampoo with hair remover. The only problem is… Honey looks better without it. This shaved beauty examines herself in the mirror – luscious pouty lips, close shave, tight body… It just works! Well, maybe Paris should also taste some of her own medicine. A quick buzz to fit with her bright eyes and perky butt? Honey grabs a pair of clippers with scissoring on the mind!

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