[MyPervyFamily] Gracie Gates (It’s Not What It Looks Like!! / 01.15.2022)

Gracie Gates [MyPervyFamily]

Gracie Gates is the kinda teen that gets men in trouble. Big natural tits, a curvy ass & eyes that twinkle. She’s also my stepdaughter. The little brat never cleans up so when I (Filthy Rich) called her and told her to tidy up I expected it done. Unsurprisingly, she went to cheer practice instead. I needed to unwind and jerk one out, but the timing was off – Gracie walked in and caught me wanking it! I had to cover my tracks, this conversation wasn’t going to be easy.
Or so I thought… Apparently she has needs too. And apparently, if I don’t tell her mother she’ll let me fulfill them. She starts licking the head of my dick softly, smiling cutely while she strokes it and talks dirty to me. I slam her up against the wall and penetrate her tight teen pussy, she is shocked and overwhelmed by her stepdad’s size. I turn her around and fuck her against the wall making her hole twitch even more. She rides me while I watch her hairy twat & great boobs bounce around. She orgasms a few more times on my fat cock before I cum all over her cute teen face.


[MyPervyFamily] Gracie Gates (It’s Not What It Looks Like!! / 01.15.2022)
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