Massage Gun Squirt, Alexis Fawx, Isiah Maxwell, [RealityKings]

Massage Gun Squirt,
Alexis Fawx, Isiah Maxwell,
[RealityKings] The sexy Alexis Fawx has just ordered herself one of those fancy massage guns. After using it on herself for a moment, she calls in boyfriend Isiah Maxwell to massage her with it. Isiah is skeptical of the gadget at first, but quickly starts to enjoy using it: on Alexis, on himself, on… pretty much everything in the house. Some experimentation leads Isiah to try fingering Alexis with the assist from the massage gun’s vibrations, which makes Alexis squirt uncontrollably. Isiah offers to let Alexis rest after that, but she’s too horny now and needs to be finished off with a hard fucking.

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