Keira’s Oily Pantyhose Anal, Keira Croft, Jake Adams, [Brazzers]

Keira’s Oily Pantyhose Anal,
Keira Croft, Jake Adams,
[Brazzers] Keira Croft catches her roommate, Jake Adams, jerking off to porn in the living room! At first, she leaves the room and lets him continue, but then it hits her… why does Jake need porn when he could be jerking off to her instead?! Keira comes back in the room and stands in front of the TV. She pulls off her pants, revealing a hot pair of pantyhose, which gets Jake’s attention. Keira shakes her ass for him as he jerks off, then gets hands on and gives him a blowjob. Jake is eager to take advantage of the situation, ripping Keira’s pantyhose and drenching her ass and pussy with a bottle of oil! Soon, Keira invites Jake to put his big cock inside her asshole and they have wild anal sex! Jake’s not going to need that porn anymore… maybe.

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