Headmistress Scrubs Her Dirty, Katie Morgan, Gia Derza, [Brazzers]

Headmistress Scrubs Her Dirty,
Katie Morgan, Gia Derza,
[Brazzers] Katie Morgan is a blazing hot headmistress you don’t want to fuck with. When student Gia Derza’s room is left in complete disarray, Katie is less than impressed. Katie accidentally plays the voyeur, catching Gia playing with herself. Katie decides what this dirty girl needs is a good scrubbing. She tries to cool Gia’s pervy ways off in a bath, but Gia has other plans. Gia soaks Katie forcing her to strip down to her birthday suit. This doesn’t distract Katie from her tiding up of Gia; instead she gets close and personal for some pussy hair trimming. Once Gia’s all neat and tidy, Katie can’t resist her perfect pussy and gets straight into hardcore lesbian lip service.

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