Double Dip On The Magic Stick, Sara Jay, Sally D’Angelo, Mazee The Goat, [Brazzers]

Double Dip On The Magic Stick,
Sara Jay, Sally D’Angelo, Mazee The Goat,
[Brazzers] Someone’s getting married! And lucky for them they have two wild and crazy gals, Sally D’Angelo and Sara Jay, planning their bachelorette party. And boy do they have some tricks up their sleeves. Sally has secretly hired Mazee The Goat to strip for them. Too bad their prudish friend isn’t into the hanky panky they’ve got planned. She’s not even interested in a little game of throw the hoop at the forehead dildo. Mazee shows up and tears off his pants to start the party. Sally isn’t afraid to get down to business and takes a swing at his banana hammock. Sara gets down for some doggy and Sally jumps on her back for her own version of humpy leapfrog. This party is lit! A MILF and a GILF and Mazee with his upside-down handstand for double blow job positions… what a party to be at!

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