Don’t You Dare Ignore My Ass, Adriana Chechik, Mick Blue, Steve Holmes, [Brazzers]

Don’t You Dare Ignore My Ass,
Adriana Chechik, Mick Blue, Steve Holmes,
[Brazzers] Adriana Chechik wakes up horny as hell. While her husband, Steve Holmes, claims to be too busy to fuck her (as he usually does), she catches his assistant, Mick Blue, staring at her ass and decides to toy with both him and her husband. Adriana sneakily teases her ass to Mick behind her husband’s back as they work, then lures him into the bedroom, telling him to leave the door open. She seduces him into a blowjob and anal sex, moaning as loudly as she possibly can, trying to get her husband’s attention. When Steve finally checks in on her and catches her with Mick, she taunts him about their lackluster sex life until Steve decides to prove his worth by giving her the DP she’s been craving.

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