[CheatingWife] Hitomi Ohashi (Lonely Japanese Housewife Hitomi Ohashi Lures Her Neighbor To Her Apt To Fuck / 01.12.2022)

Hitomi Ohashi [CheatingWife]

Hitomi Ohashi is in love with her neighbor. Hitomi Ohashi is married but she dreams about sucking other men’s cocks. She is a typical lonely Japanese housewife. She enjoys her time alone when her husband is gone but she does get lonely. Her husband is usually so busy that he has little time to do anything but eat and sleep when he gets home at night. So what ends up happening is that she just dreams of some hot cock neighbor. But today she has decided that she is tired of fingering her own pussy and she is going to seduce the man who lives next door. She is sure that he has a cock she would love down her throat and she is going to see if she can get some of his hard cock in one of her holes. She waits till she thinks he has come home and then enters the hallway of their building and acts as if there is something wrong with the water in her house to lure him in and get him alone. She then proceeds to tempt him as she leans over and shows him her cleavage and her big tits. She uses her tits as a weapon and thinks that when he sees her bend over and how big they are that he will not be able to say no and will get horny enough that he will get hard and then she knows she has him and will be able to get what she wants out of him. Her plan of course works and he is very surprised to see her bend over and her tits almost fall out of her top. He gets hard and Hitomi can see the bulge in his pants and she knows she got him. She reaches down with her hand and starts to rub his cock and she then unzips his pants and pulls his hard dick out. She sees his cock and… go watch the full video to see what she does with his manhood once she has it in her hands. It is worth it. Hitomi Ohashi is so fucking hot!


[CheatingWife] Hitomi Ohashi (Lonely Japanese Housewife Hitomi Ohashi Lures Her Neighbor To Her Apt To Fuck / 01.12.2022)
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