[Cheating Wife] Hinata Hijiri (Casting Couch Sex With Cheating Japanese Housewife Miss Hinata Hijiri / 01.18.2022)

Hinata Hijiri [Cheating Wife]

Today we have a new ‘model’ with us. She has never been on camera before so she is also new to this adult industry. She is married with a husband who of course as usual is an office worker. And her husband is not a senior office worker so he must work very long hours and the pay is very low. Hijiri and he have been married for about eight years and their life is very stable but a bit boring. Hijiri enjoys sex and usually finds her sexual gratification when she plays with herself a few time a week. Today is our first encounter with her and we interview her to see if she would be suitable to work as a comfort girl. We always film all our interviews so we can look back on them and remember which model did how they performed sexual acts. The job here Miss Hijiri is looking for is not to be an on camera model but to be an inhouse provider of sex. Which means, she will be a part time prostitute and work in the mornings when her husband is at work. We chat with Hijiri and she explains to us her situation and a bit about her life and that the main motivation for her desire to work at this job is income as her husband just does not make enough money for her to manage their household. We spent the entire afternoon with Hijiri asking her questions and getting to know her. We also filmed her taking off her clothes so that we could see her naked. This job she is applying for is to be a provider of sexual acts so we needed to test her out and see if she was able to successfully perform the basic sex acts a client would ask for. So basically we just fucked the hell out of Hijiri in our casting couch interview and you get to watch the whole process of interviewing and fucking a potential worker. Enjoy!
[Cheating Wife] Hinata Hijiri (Casting Couch Sex With Cheating Japanese Housewife Miss Hinata Hijiri / 01.18.2022)
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