Antique Road Blow, Beau Diamond , Danny D, [Brazzers]

Antique Road Blow,
Beau Diamond , Danny D,
[Brazzers] Beau Diamonds is the owner of ZZ Antiques, but her store isn’t quite as busy as it used to be. When Danny D and his wife show up, Beau gets a jolt of excitement at the prospect of seducing Danny, who couldn’t care less about vintage items or furniture. Danny, though, is immediately taken aback by Beau’s overt teasing after he discovers a trunk full of sex toys. This emboldens Beau to seduce Danny behind his wife’s back, and when Danny’s wife is told about a back room filled with untold treasures, her preoccupation with finding the perfect item gives Beau and Danny ample alone time.

25-34, Tattoo, Average Body, European, Blond Hair, Short, Big Dick, One-on-One, Store, cheating, Couples Fantasies, Work Fantasies


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